Scituate, MA: Representative Patrick Kearney of 4th Plymouth District, Marshfield and Scituate, announced his appointment to four legislative committees of the 191st Massachusetts General Court: Steering, Policy and Scheduling; Export Development; Housing; and, Public Safety and Homeland Security. 

“It’s exciting to serve on committees that address key issues for my constituents,” Kearney said. The Housing Committee is a natural fit since affordable housing and increased property development have been issues in both Scituate and Marshfield. Export Development aligns with his focus on sustaining local businesses including commercial fishing. Global markets are increasingly important for commercial fishermen, and, Kearney looks forward to helping them navigate this complex environment.  

“As a legislator, I believe that there needs to be more full and open debate of the issues on the House floor,” Kearney said. As a member of the Steering, Policy and Scheduling Committee he will work hard to keep the voters’ priorities before the House. 

Lastly, Representative Kearney’s appointment to the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee speaks to his strong commitment to civil defense both as a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Navy Strategic Sealift Readiness Midshipman Program, and, as an Ensign of the U.S. Navy Reserves. Kearney has already been a leader on these issues, cosponsoring a bill that would ensure Coast Guard members are paid during a government shutdown. 

“I’m looking forward to advocating for Marshfield and Scituate on each of these committees. This is going to be a long session with lots of complex issues. Now, the real work of the 191st Congress can begin on behalf of my constituents and the greater Commonwealth,” Kearney said as he returned to his temporary office space in the energetic Bullpen, B-1 of the State House basement.

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