Kearney Connects with Voters at Community Grassroots Events

Patrick Kearney, State Representative Candidate for Marshfield and Scituate, continues his campaign pledge to know the voters.

He spent the week knocking on doors and attending various community-sponsored events. For Kearney, the exciting thing about the General Election campaign is that “Even after our successful Primary Election, our Campaign tirelessly partakes in grassroots discussions on doorsteps and at events because we believe representation for effective government comes from what is important to our constituents. It is the voters’ dedicated focus on the present that is creating a great future for children and residents in both Scituate and Marshfield.”

Kearney greeted over 250 voters this week at fundraiser events such as the Committee to Elect Patrick Kearney fundraiser at RIVA in Scituate, the Cystic Foundation Fundraiser at the Marshfield Elks Club, the Marshfield Dog Park Fundraiser in Humarock and the 4th Annual Goodwill Hunters Duck Derby in Rexhame Beach. Kearney heard individual concerns spanning the creative ideas of a woman who owns her own catering business which generates job opportunities for local individuals to the health and wellness concerns of parents whose children in a local school district rely upon school nurses and administrators to help children face their unique challenges with practical care and support during the school day.

At the Women in Science and Politics Panel sponsored by State Senate Candidate Katie McBrine at the Natural Science Center in Norwell, Kearney spoke at length with voters about the impact of climate change on environmental factors impacting health and wellness on working families around the South Shore who are struggling to keep up with health care costs. For Kearney, “reconciling inequities of funding formulas within the health care and school districts continues to be a top priority.” As Kearney heard from several voters and the panelists at the Women in Science and Politics event, individuals from specific neighborhoods across the South Shore are not always seen as on equal par with other individuals, and, so, the needs of all constituents, especially the most vulnerable must be brought to Beacon Hill by the next State Representative.

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