Kearney Endorsed by Teamsters Local 122

Fifth organized labor endorsement for Kearney so far.

SCITUATE, MASSACHUSETTS – Patrick Kearney, a Naval Reserve Officer, entrepreneur, and
Democratic candidate for State Representative from Plymouth 4th District, was endorsed by the
Teamsters Local 122, his fifth organized labor endorsement of the campaign.

“I want to thank the Teamsters for their support, I look forward to working with them as a
champion for working families on Beacon Hill,” said Kearney. “I’m extremely grateful for the
widespread support I’m getting from organized labor because I know how important unions are
to leveling the playing field for people who work hard and deserve a living wage and fair
treatment from their employer.”

Kearney has already been endorsed by NAGE, IBEW, Pressman’s Union and the Ironworkers
Union. He is the only Democratic candidate in the 4th District race to have received multiple
union endorsements.

Kearney is a lifelong South Shore resident who serves as an Ensign in the Naval Reserve while
also working in software sales. He is running for State Representative to be a leader on seawall,
coastal resiliency, and maritime issues, while also working to make sure Marshfield and Scituate
get their fair share of local aid and education funding. For more information, please visit

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