Kearney Honored By Iron Workers Local 7 Endorsement

Kearney “willing to do the hard work required” to serve Plymouth 4th District.

SCITUATE, MASSACHUSETTS – Patrick Kearney, a Naval Reserve Officer, entrepreneur, and
Democratic candidate for the Plymouth 4 th District seat, was endorsed by Iron Workers Local 7.
“I was honored to accept the endorsement of Iron Workers Local 7,” said Kearney. As an
apprentice with IATSE Local 11, he is the only candidate in this election with firsthand
knowledge of organized labor. “Unions are essential to safeguarding workers’ rights and
ensuring fair wages and working conditions. I’m looking forward to working with Local 7 and
their members as a State Representative.”

Iron Workers Local 7 was a strong supporter of outgoing Plymouth 4 th State Representative Jim
Cantwell, and believes Kearney is the best choice to follow in his footsteps as a champion of
working families. Local 7 President Rick Abbott described Kearney as “willing to do the hard
work required” to serve the Plymouth 4 th District. He wrote, “the 3500 members of Local 7 stand
with you in this election and are willing to support you any way they can.”

Kearney is a lifelong South Shore resident who serves as an Ensign in the Naval Reserve while
also working in software sales. He is running for State Representative to be a leader on seawall,
coastal resiliency, and maritime issues, while also working to make sure Marshfield and Scituate
get their fair share of local aid and education funding. For more information, please visit

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