Navy Reserve Officer Patrick Kearney Announces his Candidacy for State Representative

Ensign and Entrepreneur to seek 4th Plymouth District/ Marshfield and Scituate Calls use of NDA’s in House Unacceptable

Marshfield/Scituate, MA: Patrick Kearney of Scituate has announced his candidacy for the Democratic Nomination for State Representative for the 4th Plymouth District, consisting of Marshfield and Scituate. “As a lifelong resident of the South Shore, I look forward to representing residents in the community I cherish,” said Kearney.

“As a child, I would go to the docks at 4:30am and mate for any boat needing a deckhand,” Kearney said. “It allowed me the opportunity from a young age to understand the concerns, challenges and benefits to our fishing industry. Now a Captain, I understand the responsibility and leadership required to steer the ship.” Kearney added.

“Patrick’s achievements as a Navy Reserve Officer, entrepreneur, certified U. S. Coast Guard Captain, Massachusetts Maritime Academy graduate, and lifelong resident of the district are just a few credentials that uniquely qualify him to best serve our area,” said Scituate Selectman Karen Canfield. “I know his work ethic and his genuine connection to our community. His experience provides a keen understanding of how to advocate for us at the State House,” continued Canfield. “As he has all his life, Patrick will hit the ground running,” Canfield added.

“The storm damage that this region has suffered is a reminder that climate change will only add to the challenges we face. It is essential that we have a dedicated, strong and effective advocate to promote thoughtful, environmentally responsible solutions to protect our community and quality of life,” Kearney said. “We need someone who knows what it’s like to roll up their sleeves and fight for necessary change,” Kearney further stated.

“I am tremendously proud of the fact that as a member of the fishing community I will bring a personal understanding of the industry to the policy debate,” Kearney said. “I know the invaluable contribution this industry provides to the fabric of this district and the economic engine that makes it tick. It deserves a strong voice at the table,” he added.

In addition to his work on the water, Kearney is a Co-Founder and Developer of a web-based Maritime Educational software program. Other private sector experience includes business development for the software engine, PriceBlocks. “Business experience is invaluable to effectively serve in Government because it provides a better, and real time understanding of how regulations impact private operations and organizations,” said Kearney.

Kearney also made clear his opposition to the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements by the House of Representatives in the handling of personnel matters. “The troubling treatment by House Leadership of Representative Diana DiZoglio is another reason why I am running and so determined to bring transparent leadership to Beacon Hill,” Kearney said. “The Massachusetts House of Representatives should not be in the business of paying hush money or buying victims’ silence, especially with tax payer dollars,” Kearney added.

An apprentice of I.A.T.S.E. Local 11, Kearney also knows first hand the contributions labor has made to the front lines of our workforce. “Working with this International Alliance of Stage Employees affiliate of the AFL- CIO, impressed upon me the important role of collective bargaining rights ” Kearney stated.

I look forward to going door to door to listen to voters concerns and to discuss my intentions to fight for safe schools, quality education, equitable tax codes, access to health care and appropriate infrastructure investment,” Kearney said.

Kearney and his campaign can be reached at

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