House Passes Its Budget for the 2020 Fiscal Year

SCITUATE, MASSACHUSETTS -- On Thursday April 25th 2019, Representative Patrick J. Kearney joined his colleagues in the House to pass its Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) budget. The budget would invest $42.7 billion in programs and services across the Commonwealth. This would include major investments in education, housing, substance abuse disorder services, health care, and other areas while projecting a more than $200 million deposit into the Stabilization Fund. The FY2020 budget helps communities, families, and individuals around the commonwealth and inside the district. “I am particularly very proud of the substantial increases for the education allocations for the Circuit Breaker Special Education reimbursement, the new opioid treatment centers, and police training. I know Plymouth County 4th district will benefit greatly from these budget increases,” Representative Kearney said.

Representative Kearney prioritized increasing state library funding, and, worked closely with constituents of Marshfield and Scituate on successfully increasing the line item for Massachusetts libraries from $9,456,327 to $10,024,327. Kearney explained, “sustaining libraries helps not only the district but the Commonwealth in sustaining the database and delivery services which constituents of all ages and walks of life depend on for education, job retraining, and everyday information needs.” In addition, Representative Kearney has worked closely with the Marshfield Boys and Girls Club since his election. He has joined in the State House’s effort increase the House Budget by $2 million in order to continue support for this vital statewide organization.

While focused on big picture funding amendments that support the district’s local needs, Representative Kearney also made sure that $10,000 was included in the FY2020 House Budget for the Friends of Marshfield Dog Park.

Representative Kearney’s persistent efforts continue as state leadership and the legislative body as a whole prioritize severe matters, such as water infrastructure, coastal resiliency, healthy communities, and the environment. “The budget will now go to the Senate,” Kearney said, and, I look forward to the due diligence of my colleagues in the Senate, and, in joint conference committees.”

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